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Maybe my eyes are starting to go bad. Or maybe (hopefully) it is just allergy season. But whatever the reason, I've been having a harder time lately reading text. Thankfully, Safari and Mail offer a trick to help out.

While viewing a message in Mail or a webpage in Safari, you can unpinch (move two fingers apart towards opposite corners) to increase the text size and pinch (move two fingers from opposite corners towards the center) to decrease the text size.

If you have a older Mac that doesn't support pinch gestures or you just prefer keyboard shortcuts, a simple Command-+ (that is Command and the plus sign together) will increase the size of the text and Command-- (Command and the minus sign together) will decrease the text size.

The zooming works a little differently in Mail than Safari:

  • In Mail, the the text size increases and and decreases but any images and most formatting stay the same. This helps keep the look of the email together while making it easier to read.
  • In Safari, zoom increases all of the objects on the page in proportion. This keeps the formatting of the webpage exact, but you quickly have to scroll right and left to see the entire page.
You can change the behavior of Safari (zoom all objects) to that of Mail (zoom just the text) by choosing View / Zoom Text Only from the Menu Bar. Zooming just the text works well if you just go up one or two steps, but if you go more than that, the format of the page starts to get messed up.

There are actually three kinds of "Zoom" in OS X. You can:

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