Unmounting your Camera Before Disconnecting

Avoid data loss
Camera Icon  <br>Click to see a larger image
Camera Icon
Click to see a larger image
When you download photos from your digital camera into iPhoto, your Mac "mounts" the camera. "Mounted" means that the camera is connected to the Mac, the Mac knows that it is there, and can send data back and forth.

"Unmounting" your tells your Mac that you want to disconnect the camera. If you don't unmount your camera, you risk losing data on either your Mac or your camera.

Here is how to safely unmount your camera:
  1. Locate the icon of your camera on the left pane of iPhoto. To the right of the camera icon is an eject button.
  2. Click on the eject button
When the camera icon disappears, you can safely disconnect your camera.

Nasty message  <br>Click to see a larger image
Nasty message
Click to see a larger image
If you just unplug your camera without unmounting, you will get the nasty message as shown in the second image. Worse than getting the nasty message, you can corrupt the data card on your camera so you can't access the photos on the card.

If you have unmounted your camera and then want it to mount again, just unplug it from your Mac and plug it back in again.

I've noticed that at least in iPhoto '11, the iPhone does not have an unmount button and you can disconnect it without causing any problems.

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Unmounting your Camera Before Disconnecting
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, June 25 2009

For those of you don't have an icon for eject/unmount that shows up next to your camera name....what you can do to "unmount" your camera is click on the camera name -hold it clicked and then hit the control key. With these two combined, you will see a dropdown menu appear by your arrow with the word "unmount". Highlight unmount,,,,and you are then saftely unmounting you camera.

I have an older camera Canon A510, which doesn't show that "eject/unmount" icon.

P.S. I am not a computer expert...but this made sense to me.