Comparing Photos in iPhoto

An easy way to edit similar photos
Compare photos
Compare photos
The big advantage to digital photography is that you can take as many photos as you wish and it doesn't cost anything. You can simply import them all into iPhoto and delete the bad ones later.

The side effect of unlimited photos for me is that I take many, many photos of the same scene trying to get the best one. I especially do this when I am taking pictures of my nieces who will not hold still for more than a second. Fortunately, iPhoto lets me easily compare photos to choose the best and weed out the rest.

To compare two photos in iPhoto:

  1. In thumbnail view, choose the two photos that you want to compare. (Click the first and Command-click the second one.)
  2. Click the Edit button on the bottom toolbar. Both photos will open in Edit mode.
One of the photos will have a blue outline around it. That is the active photo. You can change the other photo to active by clicking on it once.

With the active photo you can:

  • Use all of the editing tools
  • Use the arrow keys to move to the next and previous photos in your Library
  • Delete the photo by pressing the Delete Key.
Using a combination of these tools you can quickly sort through your near-duplicates to find the best one. For example:
  • Compare two near-duplicate photos and delete the lesser of the two.
  • Crop two near-duplicate photos to see which cropping looks better.
  • Compare two photos and then use the arrow keys to look for other near-duplicates.
Remember that if you delete a photo and want it back you can use Edit / Undo Move to Trash. If you want to undo all the changes you made to a photo, use Photos / Revert to Original on the menu bar.

This technique also works in Full Screen (View / Full Screen from the Menu Bar) giving you larger images to compare.

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